Starfish Decor, Art, Clothing, and Gifts

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The exquisite starfish is a mysterious sea creature. Yet, we’ve been able to capture its allure on amazing starfish decor, art, clothing, and gifts.

Not actually a fish, the starfish (better known as the sea star), is actually an echinoderm or animal with ‘spiny skin.’

This spiny skin provides the starfish with an amazing ability to survive in the ocean by protecting itself from predators. Highly adapted to the environment, starfish come in a beautiful rainbow of rich colors that help camouflage them from danger.

Most commonly, five arm starfish are seen but ten, twenty, or forty armed species exist. All of the approximately 2,000 species of starfish must live in salt water to stay alive and can be found along the ocean floor and in tide pools along the coast.

We’re enamored with the gorgeous sea star and hope you are too.

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Home Décor:

Transform your bathroom into a tide pool with this delicate starfish shower curtain and matching bath towels.Save

Starfish Shower Curtain


Starfish Bath Towels


Starfish Pillow


This throw pillow will remind you of the bluest sea at low tide. The pillow comes in three design choices. Sizes range from 14” x 14” to 26” x 26”. The pillows are printed on both sides and may be ordered with a zipper and removable insert for easy cleaning.

Starfish Wall Decor


This serene sea star wall art is stunning and will complement any room. Available in a large selection of styles and sizes, including:

Starfish Accessories:


These gorgeous starfish tote bags will carry all you need for your next trip to the beach and beyond. They are available in three sizes, plus the weekender tote.

Starfish Tote Bags

Starfish Electronic Accessories:


Not your ordinary cell phone case, this stylish starfish cell phone case and portable battery charger will transform your phone into a work of art.

Starfish Cell Phone Case

Starfish Portable Battery Charger for Cell Phones

Starfish Clothing:

Happy Mermaids Starfish and Stripes

You’ll love our celebrating Americana starfish clothing. There are many colors and styles to choose from. This design is available on shirts for women, men, and children.

Starfish Gifts:


Our sea star art is available in our gift collection. They make excellent gifts for anymore who loves exploring the ocean.

Shop with Confidence:

At Happy Mermaids, it is our goal to create unique and high-quality designs for the lowest price possible. To do this, we have carefully chosen our print on demand vendors, Pixels and Zazzle. Both are known for their high quality, excellent service, quick shipping, and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please refer to each site for details.

Happy Mermaids Custom Designs:

If you have a custom design request or would like us to create a product you don’t see here, we’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us here and to let us know.